Behind The Curtains

Behind The Curtains is our daft new web series that gives you a peek into what our cool lives are like when we’re not making sketches. The idea with these is that we put them together in a couple of days for minimal cost, alongside our more time consuming and expensive Kickstarter backed sketch show pilot Don’t Tape Over.

Episode 1 – Funny Games

Matt catches John and Ryan playing his grandfathers game ‘Mr. Funny Face’. Legend has it, that if you say his name five times in the mirror Mr. Funny Face appears and gets you. Will the lads have the balls to say it? And do you have the balls to watch?

Episode 2 – Lads to the Slaughter

Not only does John miss ‘lads night’, but he also informs Matt and Ryan that they have to leave the house because he wants his wife to move in! Matt has a cunning plan, but will Ryan be able to help him pull it off?

Episode 3 – The Fright Before Christmas

Tis the night before Christmas and Ryan is having doubts about Santa’s existence. Luckily Matt’s come up with a reyt good plan and John is more than happy to help…

Episode 4 – Half Cut

This time Matt’s got a date, but it’s a hairy situation for the lads…