We were interviewed recently by Jordan Smith for Meoko. Here’s a short extract, or you can read the full interview here

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Absolutely everybody likes to laugh: bouncers, politicans even retail store managers.  So when you stumble upon a combination of personalities and talents that consistently makes you chuckle, you grab hold and don’t let go until you’ve squeezed all the funny out of them and they’re shells of their former selves, like the Simpsons Season 25 or Eddie Murphy in the Nutty Professor II. What I mean to say is, you show them support, and comedy group Seldom Differ is currently at a very exciting time in its development, perfecting the comedy craft and seeing recognition and support start to roll in from places unlooked for. Their sketches have got them widespread critical praise, the attention and funding of Channel 4 and the BBC, a nomination in CoFilmic Awards, an appearance on Charlie Brooker’s How TV Ruined Your Life and representation from Troika Talent. Seldom Differ Comedy is James Lord (director), Ryan Howes, Matthew Skillington and John Collins (writer/performers) – hailing from the UK’s comedy capital, Edinburgh Sheffield. A group of very talented lads, well on their way to making people laugh for living and eagerly awaiting the day they can return the favour to the many people who have helped them along the way.

MEOKO sat down for a chinwag with three quarters of the group and started with the serious, hard-hitting topics, for example the vague resemblance between Matt and John…

MEOKO – Are you two related?


Matt – Yes.

John – No

Matt – We have got that before though, I’ve started wearing hats to make myself stand out.

John – I have quite a similar hat to that.

Ryan – People have confused them in videos before – it just means Matt gets way too much credit. I never saw it, but maybe recently you’ve grown into each other.

MEOKO – Like dogs and their owners…

MEOKO – How did it all begin?

Ryan – Matthew and I were at school together, then after high school we decided to do a stage show, because theatre was going to be the future. So we went down to the library theatre in Sheffield; the entrance is next to the nice theatre, but actually a horrible little doorway where homeless people sleep. We only had half a sketch written when we met the woman who ran the place to find out about costs and stuff, and we thought we’d go away and think about it but she was like “OK I’ll pencil you in for this date then”… so we thought if we were penciled in we better do it. We had eight weeks and towards the end of rehearsals we got Rebecca Taylor involved, who is involved in our sketches still (Looking for Keegan, Duck Face), we also had another guy who dropped out at the last minute and so Rebecca suggested John.

John – I had met Ryan and Matt before and Matt had actually already sold me a ticket for the show. I thought yeah I’ll come along – only two pound fifty – which he still owes me, because I was actually in the show… After the summer Matt and I were going to the same uni and we got to know each other quite well

Matt – We really hit it off in uni –

John – Ohhh we did, didn’t we Matt.

Ryan – I was his special friend before uni, then I went to a different uni…

Matt – You’re still my special friend.

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