The year was 2006. Des Lynham was presenting Countdown, Hard-Fi were at number 1 and Mike Baldwin was dying in the arms of longtime love rival Ken Barlow on the nations favourite street – What a time to be alive!

There must have been something in the air that year, because it was also the year I, Ryan Allan Howes (aka MC Daddylonglegs), along with Craig Sinnamon (aka DJ Big Papa) formed one of the finest Yorkshire-Irish-Techno-Electro-Hip-Hop bands Bromley had ever seen/heard.  We were The Techno Daddies (Carrying the beats like – beat caddies). We didn’t last long, but my goodness we made a slight impact. We weren’t without controversy either:

People tried to tell us we weren’t really sent from the future to educate the past, and the technically it wasn’t techno music, but these were just technicalities…Though accurate ones as it turned out.

The reason I tell you this now is because I found one of our old tracks “The War on Techno” which like many of Gene Pitneys best tracks tells a wonderful story. So 6 years on does it stand the test of time? Who knows, we might even reform. We’ve talked about recording an Easter Anthem. To do for Easter what Slade did for Christmas, and absolutely cash in.
From our first EP Techno For An Answer: The War on Techno




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